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Cerner ME honors its clients’ most inspiring healthcare technology adoptions

Excellence in Middle East health care technology adoptions recognized at Cerner Achievement & Innovation Awards

Cerner Middle East, a developer of health care information management systems, honored its clients’ most inspiring health care technology adoptions at the 2015 Cerner Achievement & Innovation Awards on Monday at The Ritz-Carlton in Dubai.

“We are proud to align with these outstanding health care facilities that have worked to improve the patient experience and boost the quality of health care,” said Michael Pomerance, vice president and managing director, Cerner Middle East & Africa.

“The submissions we received reinforce the significance of technology in the health care industry and how innovation enables our clients to achieve remarkable patient outcomes,” he added.

Cerner recognizes clients that deliver quality solutions and the best health care IT system implementations or projects from the previous 12 months at the annual awards ceremony:

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) led all honorees with three awards:
-Achievement & Innovation in Patient Care Delivery in Departmental Experience
-Reduced denials by 50 percent for proton pump inhibitors through implementation of real-time alerts and substantially decreased Reye’s syndrome by prescribing aspirin correctly to pediatric patients
-Achievement & Innovation in Physician Experience
-Reduced deficiency rates of physicians by 70 percent through proper use of Cerner’s Message Center to save the physician time and increase revenue cycle throughput
-Best in Standardization*
-Reduced the amount of document duplications, improved communication between health care professionals and patients, and gave nurses more time to spend with patients at their bedside with the implementation of the nursing communication known as Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation (SBAR)

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health (UAE MOH) was recognized with two awards for using SBAR: Achievement & Innovation in Nursing Experience and Best in Standardization. Through the use of SBAR, the UAE MOH:
-Achieved a 75 percent reduction in patient hand-off, leading to an additional 547,000 hours spent with patients per year with no additional staffing
-Clearly facilitated the communication of patient information among clinicians to minimize manual errors
-Saved more than 2,000 hours of nursing handover during January and February.

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in Qatar was recognized with the Achievement and Innovation in Patient Care Delivery award for its implementation of Cerner’s St. John Sepsis Rescue Agent, which has saved more than 25 lives in the past year.

HMC also received the Best in Innovation award for developing three HMC-IT Robots, which are being used to automatically create lifetime encounters and analyze contact numbers. HMC has created 433,000 pharmacy lifetime encounters, calibrated more than 3.5 million patient records and regulated the contact numbers for more than 200,000 patient records with this innovation. By April, the HMC-IT Robots had saved the corporation an estimated QR2 million.

A second ‘Achievement & Innovation in Patient Care Delivery in Departmental Experience’* award was granted to King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre in Saudi Arabia for its implementation of document imaging in the Human Leukocyte Antigen (laboratory) department, which eliminated 30,000 pieces of paper annually, reduced the turnaround time by 53 percent and increased the department’s efficiency by 25 percent.

During the ceremony, Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 was highly commended for its submission in this category. The facility automated its cancer registry process by leveraging Cerner EMR reporting capabilities.

The ceremony was hosted during the sixth annual Cerner Middle East Regional User Group Meeting, a two-day, knowledge-sharing event designed exclusively for Cerner Middle East client health care leaders, clinicians and IT professionals. The event covered best practices and the latest developments in regional health care. More than 120 senior health care representatives from various organizations, hospitals and ministries attended.

This year marks Cerner Middle East’s 25th anniversary of collaboration with providers to transform health and care in the Middle East.