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Chesterton makes inroads into automobile and equipment appraisals

Chesterton, the international property agency established in 1805, announced that the company is currently making inroads into the automobile and heavy equipment appraisals due to the buoyant market conditions in the UAE. Chesterton is currently working with 36 leading banks in the region for property appraisals. Chesterton MENA has developed a team of proficient surveyors who specialize in the appraisal of automobiles and equipments.

“We received several requests from banks and other financial institutions for the appraisal of luxury cars and heavy equipments such as cranes and furnaces. We therefore decided to extend our support to this industry sector and we have a proficient team of professionals addressing this particular sector. Possessing an in-depth knowledge of engines, specifications, capacities, chassis and make/model is essential for the assessment of automobiles and equipments,” said Mr. Robin Teh, Country Manager, Director Valuations and Advisory at Chesterton MENA.

With a network of 74 offices across the UK and international offices in eleven countries and five continents, Chesterton is looking to cement its position as the leading international consultancy partner for property, vehicle and equipment appraisals in the Middle East and Asia.

“Property appraisal is an essential part of the home loan application process and is used to determine the security value of a property being offered to secure a home loan. An appraisal needs to be carried out when you borrow to buy a new property, when refinancing, or when you want to access the equity in your home. Similarly, based on the physical inspections carried out first-hand by our team of expert surveyors, facts are gathered during the survey accompanied by photography to give utmost credibility to the automobile and equipment appraisal reports. The automobile and equipment appraisals are positioned on the factors that govern the present day market value,” added Robin.

“Our automobile and equipment appraisals would empower automobile/equipment sellers to reckon with a trusted report and the product wouldn’t be priced below the market value. The appraisal report will set forth the real value of the automobile for sale before advertising. At Chesterton where things are kept simple and transparent, the automobile and equipment appraisal report by the plant and machinery department will assist both the buyer and seller to get the true market value of the automobile even before negotiations start and ensure a win-win proposition for both the sellers and buyers,” concluded Robin.

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