Complex Made Simple

Children in traditional attire take stage at Liwa Dates Festival

The Liwa Dates Festival has turned into an oasis embroidered with heritage, customs, and traditions. During the current edition, the Organising Committee has prepared a substantive programme for children so as to provide them with answers to their questions, and all the heritage information they might need.

Mindful that today’s children are the carriers of heritage to future generations, the Committee is seeking to expand the scope of their knowledge in a simple and delightful way which may increase their desire to learn.

The children have been taking part actively in the different activities of the Festival as they have been visiting while wearing their traditional attire. The active participation and the great deal of pride taken into the traditional Emirati attire do reflect awareness about the significance of the Festival as an ideal platform that might be used to re-visit the magnificent past, and learn more about customs and traditions in a lively and delightful spirit. In a pleasant and creative way, the Festival does also provide an opportunity to get the accurate information that reflect the authenticity and development of the Emirati history.

Two girls, sitting on the floor and playing a heritage game, expressed their pleasure for participating in the activities of the Liwa Dates Festival in its current edition. The Festival provides a room to bring together all family members, according to the girls who came with their parents, with every member of the family going for a specific occupation and enjoying his favourite activity. The Liwa Dates Festival features a number of exceptional activities for children, including heritage competitions and drawing workshops that deal with the theme of palm trees and seek to enlighten children about the benefits of this blessed tree. All these activities reflect the organisers’ firm belief that the children of today are the makers of the future, who will maintain heritage, and all its civilizational and traditional constituents.

Outside the Kid’s Tent, there is a little space for children who view the Festival as a playground where they can enjoy their favourite games. Inside the Exhibitors’ Tent, children are present too. Some participating institutions have even distributed a number of gifts to the kids, and provided space for them to draw and paint without constraints. On the first day of the Festival, the children visited all the tents, pavilions, and markets, trying to discover the accompanying activities, which attracted a huge number of visitors, including kids, parents, and tourists. The large turnout added to the several successes of the Liwa Dates Festival, and stood as vivid proof of the appeal of the Festival’s activities to the various social and age categories.

The visitors, tourists, nationals and residents, explored the diverse exciting competitions and activities organised within the framework of the Festival.

“We have been making major efforts at the Kid’s Tent. We have added new activities and suitable ideas, in response to both the needs and desires of the children. We are also keen on keeping pace with the new developments and technologies. The activities at the Tent aim at reinforcing the moral principles and good values in a creative and agreeable way that carries a lot of excitement,” said the Director of the Liwa Dates Festival, Mr. Obaid Al Mazrouei. “Although the Tent it is called the “Kids’ Tent,” this does not mean in any way that adults are not welcome. Several activities intended for parents and accompanying adults have been added to the programme of the children activities, including a number of exciting and thrilling competitions,” he added.

Mazrouei extended his thanks and gratitude to “the wise leadership of the UAE for the generous care that they have been providing to Al Gharbia. Such care did manifest itself again in the support of the abundant and diverse activities of the 10th edition of the Liwa Dates Festival. He also thanked: “All the organizers, personnel, as well as sponsoring and contributing institutions. All these parties have been playing a key role in the resounding success of the Festival and its promotion on the international level in a suitable and honourable approach.”

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