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City Mall celebrates the Holy Month of Ramadan

City Mall welcomes Ramadan’s special atmosphere this year with a variety of activities and colourful decorations celebrating the holy month.

Dotted with crescents, palm trees and traditional Ramadan lanterns, the Mall welcomes its visitors after Iftar at its very own Ramadan tent, where joy and goodwill abound as guests are greeted by Jordanian women who have made an art out of henna drawing and traditional bread baking.

Children are also welcome to join the storyteller or Hakawati in numerous fascinating worlds, where the values and morals gained from fasting in Ramadan takes centre stage, offering enjoyment and valuable lessons.

Commenting on the Mall’s Ramadan preparations, Ms. Maram Enaya, Commercial Manager at City Mall, said the Mall has taken the unique nature of the holy month into account when preparing for the activities.

“May this be a blessed Ramadan for our customers and visitors, and we hope that they can join us at the City’s Favorite, during this very special time of year,” she added.