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Civic body launches awareness-cleanup program in desert and winter camps areas

As part of efforts to raise general cleanliness level of Dubai and protecting environment of desert areas within the framework of achieving sustainable environmental cleanliness as well as imparting awareness on the topic to the desert entertainers, Dubai Municipality has lunched special drive to cleanup desert areas and where temporary winter camps are set.

The drive started by the waste management department of the civic body will concentrate on imparting awareness to visitors on how to protect desert environment and how to safely dispose rubbish generates from and during visits and camps as well as systematic patrolling to keep the areas clean.

In this regard, Eng. Abdul Majeed Saifaie, director of waste management department at the civic body, said, “we have seen huge number of visitors coming to desert areas from the very beginning of this year’s season, hailing from different sections and nationalities.” He continued saying: “These visitors who throng desert areas round the clock for enjoying the season, vary in their environmental awareness levels.”

“While some of them keep the rubbish they produce inside their car safely, to be disposed in the designated areas later, a considerable number of people found to be throwing rubbish randomly and irresponsibly,” he said. He pointed out, “The first and important part of the newly implemented program focuses on educating the visitors on why to be responsible with regards to desert environment and how to practically do the waste management.”

According to him, the department has deployed teams for morning and evening shifts for patrolling the areas. In the first team, there are 2 supervisors and 15 workers to impart awareness and to run the cleanup program. In the evening shift, 2 supervisors and 10 workers will carry out the task. Apart from this two, another team has been assigned to patrol in the night, which altogether makes Dubai Municipality program running round- the- clock.

Mr. Saifaie said, “Dubai Municipality has prepared 8 open waste collection containers with 10 cubic meters size in the desert camps areas which helps the visitors find waste containers within 500 meters’ distance from the camps. Also, waste collection bins have been distributed along all the roads that lead to the camp areas. Given the excess number of visitors during weekends, 25 extra personnel have been assigned to assist and strengthen the awareness and waste collection program on each shifts. According to the figures at the waste management department, so far, awareness team has contacted near about 1250 visitors and 130 desert winter camps. The team members have approached near about 600 vehicles and distributed awareness leaflets as well as bags to collect rubbish.”

As a result of systematic waste collection program, 4000 bags that carry near about 20 ton rubbish have been collected and sent for safe disposal. The action team has distributed 1320 awareness folders to visitors. Regarding violations, the team has issued 35 notifications to winters camps that failed to comply with terms and conditions related to cleanliness. 12 violations have been booked and issued to vehicle owners for throwing out waste irresponsibly and for leaving rubbish without collecting and disposing it safely.

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