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Clients conducted 3.5m transactions through KFH E-services in September

Turnout affirms efficiency of KFH’s platforms, consistent E-services

The number of transactions conducted on Kuwait Finance House KFH’s e-services surpassed 3.5mln in September.

This huge number of transactions carried out using bank’s e-services affirms the efficiency of KFH’s platforms and the consistent e-services that are tailored to meet all clients’ needs round the clock whilst providing the highest standards of service quality in a secure and easy manner. Transactions were categorized as full browser, iOS App, mobile web, tablets and Android.

The transactions were mainly distributed on services like account statements, activate ATM card, add KFH payee, add SMS service, add telex payee, change password, credit card details, payment, request and statement, charity transfers, cheque book request, installment payment, login, lost ATM card or credit card reporting, open time deposit, purchase prepaid cards, standing order statements, subscribe to 3D Secure service, telex transfers, transfer to KFH trade account, transfer to third party account, utility payment and other e-services that have become essential for clients. This prompts KFH to continue its efforts to render high end services in accordance with highest standards of quality and excellence.

It is worth noting that transactions conducted on iOS app occupied the lion’s share of 51%, while 0.8% went to tablets, 24% was for the full browser, 12.4% on android, and 11% on mobile web (

Moreover, KFH has released a service for customers to enable them to get the full access privileges through KFH Online now. This service allows clients to manage their accounts and complete their transactions without having to visit the branch.
KFH unremittingly exerts every effort in coping with the latest banking technology and improving its services that seek to address clients’ needs and meet their ambitions.