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Coca-Cola Light loves life with new can designs in UAE

Coca-Cola Light partners with Arab artists to launch series of exclusive can designs.

Coca-Cola Light has launched a series of exclusive can designs from artists across MENA, enabling these artists to share what they love about life with the region.

The new cans launch with four designs from Razan Alazzouni, Hasan Hijazi, Palestlye and Dalia El Ali.

Coca-Cola Light believes that moments – whether big or small – need to be embraced and celebrated. These moments of positivity are the basis for each of the new cans designs, as each designer uses the can as their canvas and shares a little piece of how they #lovelife with the Middle East.

Commenting on how she shows her #lovelife Razan Alazzouni said: “My love for life springs from nature as I find that it greatly influences our moods, guides our feelings and helps create new ones. And my medium to express this is embroidery – a strong part of my culture and it’s something that I’ve grown to love. For the can design, I’ve chosen to combine nature – rose and embroidery – thread. A piece I feel plays with your emotion and captures your feelings.”

Hasan Hijazi shared that: “My love for life is the people around me; the ones who have shaped my life, my career and my passion” are the motivation for his can design. He draws inspiration from their love, and has “visually translated it through a heart – my muse, a pendant I gifted to my mum.”

“Our love for life is the belief in doing more” stated designers Palestlye.

“We always wanted to and believed that each individual is capable of helping more than himself, which is at the core of Palestyle’s ethos. We empower women in camps by collaborating with them on our work. We’re a fashion brand with a purpose.”

Dalia El Ali identified her love for life “is living free-spirited and embracing the lighter side of life. The one thing that always comes to my mind when I think about this is the butterfly. It moves around freely, playfully and gracefully. It’s also a symbol of positive change; from a larva to something really beautiful. It is a symbol that’s truly speaks to me.”

Tolga Cebe, Head of Marketing Coca-Cola Middle East said about the initiative “We are very proud to be working in partnership with so many fantastic and talented Arab artists to enable them to share what it is that they love most about life with the world. We hope to encourage the Arab region to enjoy life and celebrate the smallest of moments as they reaffirm why they #lovelife.”

A new designer can is available every 3 months in stores across MENA as more Arab artists share their expression of a moment in life that they love.