Complex Made Simple

Coldway to present its Roll during Arab Health exhibition

During the next Arab Health exhibition, Coldway, a French company, will present its Roll, a refrigerated, temperature-controlled and stand-alone container, equipped with an electronic control system for flawless temperature traceability.

This container does not require any electrical power supply and allows nomadic refrigeration independent from the vehicle. Refrigeration starts upon user request.

Coldway designs and manufactures solutions for the transport and storage of temperature sensitive products. COLDWAY has conceived an innovative technology which involves a sustainable thermo-chemical process based on a simple principle: the immediate, autonomous and powerful production of cold and heat based on an elementary chemical reaction between ammonia and salts contained in a reactor and an evaporator.

The coldway Roll, which has a capacity of 350 to 900 litres, generates cold on a fully stand-alone basis (12 h to 24 h) without any electrical power supply being necessary and produces regulated cold regardless of the outside conditions. As it does not include any motor or compressor, the Coldway Roll is silent, environmentally-friendly and requires little maintenance.

The system can be recharged an unlimited number of times by a simple plug-in to the mains supply and allows the cabinet to be used again on a daily basis. Therefore, no consumables are necessary, no greenhouse gas is produced and the container has zero impact on the ozone layer. It is perfectly suitable for the transport of pharmaceutical products or biological and blood samples which require a strict control of the cold chain, even when the products are unloaded in unrefrigerated areas or even in case of unattended delivery.

This container complies with the applicable regulatory requirements; it is equipped with a system capable of providing accurate temperature control (± 2 °C) in the most extreme heat conditions. Thanks to the autonomy of the process, controlled temperature can be maintained for 12 to 24 hours. The integrated temperature traceability system allows the user to download the recorded temperature curves.

Coldway will attend Arab Health again in order to meet a sensitive need: autonomous controlled-temperature transport in an area where maintaining the cold chain remains difficult and energy-consuming. The health sector is the company’s reference market segment as regards both regulatory requirements and the value and importance of the transported products: samples, blood bags, vaccines, etc. The thermo-chemical system, protected by 43 patents worldwide, provides the perfect answer for temperature control during transport adapted to the mobility and traceability requirements of hospitals, health centres, medical analysis laboratories and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Coldway’s R&D department works in close collaboration with several partners, including the PROMES laboratory, which is part of the French National Scientific Research Centre (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique).

Coldway will be exhibiting in ZA’ABEEL HALL – stand Z2D15 of the ARAB HEALTH-MEDLAB in Dubai, at the UBIFRANCE French Pavilion, from 26 to 29 January 2015.