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‘Commerce’ calls businessmen to authorize agents to issue commercial licenses

To benefit from the system, users are entailed to obtain an Advanced eKey account which is now available for citizens and GCC residents

Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Assistant Undersecretary for Domestic Trade Mr. Hameed Yousif Rahma is requesting businessmen who utilize the Business Licensing Integrated System (BLIS) to not reveal their confidential data such as their ID number & password of their eKey account when using clearing agents or others to finalize any required documents officially through (BLIS) as attaining such information enables the handling of not only business licensing-related services but several other eservices.

Revealing eKey account personal details would result in numerous consequences, some of which include the ability to transform ownership of business records, changing of user’s address, accessing to confidential data related to other services such as Housing, as well as violating the privacy of various information relevant to the eKey owner.

Mr. Rahma had called upon businessmen to carry-out the process of authorizing clearing agents or others to issue the commercial licenses on their behalf and upload the authorization on the website Such steps would preserve their rights and protect their privacy while reducing the possibilities of any abuse ; given that the authorization limits the authority on the selected commercial activities only – without accessing other government services.

Following the verification of the ministry in the validity of the data, the authorized person would then be capable of utilizing the system and completing the necessary transactions to issue the electronic licenses.

Rahma further pointed out “The ministry’s keenness in offering the full support to business owners and easing their procedures in regards to issuing the commercial licenses. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism in collaboration of Informatics & eGovernment Authority – is currently working on developing the system so as to meet all the needs of users in addition to keeping in line with the Government Program and the Vision 2030.”

To benefit from the system, users are entailed to obtain an Advanced eKey account which is now available for citizens and GCC residents. Having an eKey account will ensure high-level of security, with the capability of benefiting from many services by entering information only once – regardless of the diverse required data of each service.

In the event of previously handing the personal information of accessing the eKey to others, a new password can be set via the system within the feature ‘Forget Password’, or by calling the National Contact Center on 8000 8001 in order to attain further assistance.

As for GCC citizens who own an ID number and wish to create an eKey account in order to benefit from BLIS, they are advised to head to Bait AlTijjar (Ground floor) located in Sanabis during the official working hours; while accompanying their identification cards, valid passports along with their residential addresses in the Kingdom of Bahrain – so as to register their information and activate their accounts.