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Commercial Bank and Al Fursan Training Centre’s Youth Workshop comes to an end

Innovative young Qatari nationals complete the five-week workshop

Commercial Bank, Qatar’s first private bank, is pleased to announce that 24 Qatari nationals aged 7 to 13 have completed the “The Bank of the Future by the Generation of the Future” Workshop.

The workshop started on 17 October, and ended on 28 November, with final student presentations. This CSR initiative is one of many Commercial Bank organises to engage more effectively with local communities and provide unique opportunities that make a difference amongst different age groups.

The workshop is a partnership between Commercial Bank, one of the leading full service banks in Qatar, and Al Fursan Training Centre, to develop young Qataris’ understanding of the banking sector as part of the National Development Programme youth initiatives.

The objective of the workshop is to engage young Qatari national, stimulate their creative thinking, and allow them to formulate and showcase their vision of the future of the banking sector in Qatar. In doing so, the young students were able to illustrate and identify what the “Bank of the Future” should entail according to their future needs.

The workshop covered five sessions that ran for five weeks, and was able to successfully capture the participant’s imaginative ideas by engaging in creative brainstorming sessions. This aided Commercial Bank in understanding the needs of Qatar’s future generation, by driving change in the context of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Commercial Bank CEO Abdulla Saleh Al Raisi said: “Commercial Bank is a proud and active supporter of the Qatar National Vision 2030. In tandem with our work towards developing a strong and diverse private sector, Commercial Bank is sincerely committed to developing human capital by investing heavily in the skills and training of Qatari nationals to lead them to rewarding careers. Our active role in the workshop demonstrates our ambition to support the future generation and extends the impact of our educational initiatives beyond those for our own staff. Commercial Bank is proud of our Qatari heritage, and by investing resources towards the personal and professional development of Qataris, we help fulfill our commitment to the Qatari community for years to come.”

Sharoq Al Malki, Commercial Bank’s Executive General Manager and Chief Human Capital Officer said: “I would like to thank Al Fursan Training Centre’s team, and the young students for a successful experience full of self-development, inspiration, creativity and learning. Commercial Bank is always seeking various ways to foster a better understanding of the country’s economic future in our younger generation. This will undoubtedly play a main role in developing the potential of the banking sector in Qatar.”