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Commercial Bank sponsors Qatar Red Crescent’s Ramadan tent

Commercial Bank’s sponsorship of this Iftar was to highlight the valued role that labourers play in Qatar

Commercial Bank, Qatar’s first private bank, has sponsored on the 18th of Ramadan, Qatar Red Crescent’s (QRC) Ramadan Iftar tent in Old Salata, which serves Iftar meals for up to 3,000 expatriate labourers every day.

As part of a series of community-focused CSR initiatives during Ramadan, Commercial Bank’s sponsorship of this Iftar at the country’s largest Iftar tent was to encourage people to share with others in society and to highlight the valued role that labourers play in Qatar.

Commercial Bank’s CEO Abdulla Saleh Al Raisi, senior management, and around 3,000 expatriate workers, attended the Iftar that took place in QRC’s main Iftar tent in Old Salata.

Commenting on the value of this initiative, Mr. Al Raisi said: “In keeping with our Qatari traditions to break fast with family, friends, and neighbours, it is our pleasure to meet with labourers who are each leaving a special fingerprint on the country. This is a token of our appreciation and one of various initiatives we support at Commercial Bank that aim to bring Qatari nationals and residents closer together in line with the true spirit of Ramadan.”

He added: “Labourers are playing a critical role in transforming Qatar’s physical landscape to make the Qatar National Vision 2030 a reality, and their hard work should be acknowledged both during Ramadan and throughout the year.”

QRC Secretary-General, Mr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Mohannadi, expressed his deep thanks to Commercial Bank for their generous financial support, which reflects the Bank’s belief in QRC’s social and humanitarian mission and their adoption of CSR as a strategic priority for the Bank.

“Foreign workers constitute a large part of society, and charitable Iftar tents are a way for us to observe the Holy Month in solidarity. Most male expats do not have their wives and families here to prepare food for them on a daily basis, so we have established four Iftar tents across the country to take care of them and let them know that they are not alone. It is a communal service that is open to everyone — Muslim and non-Muslim, Arab and non-Arab,” remarked Mr. Al-Mohannadi.