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Comparative sectoral studies on corporate responsibility in Jordan

CSR Watch Jordan is launching a series of comparative studies on Corporate Responsibility (CR) in Jordan.

The series of studies are meant to examine CR practices across various sectors in Jordan by studying publically available information regarding the practice of companies in various sectors. Collectively, the comparative studies cover a broad range of sectors such as Telecoms, IT, Logistics, Mining and Minerals and Manufacturing, among others.

In these studies we measure the various levels of Corporate Responsibility practice among the various sectors in Jordan by measuring the level of CR communications, the HR resources dedicated to CR within the sector and the presence, or lack thereof, of a CR policy and strategy.

The first of these reports to be released reviews the banking sector and the various CR practices within this sector.

Following which, six more reports will be released over the coming six weeks, each reviewing a different sector and their CR practices. Infographics will also be released to better capture the most significant findings in these reports.

CSR Watch Jordan is Jordan’s first stakeholder-driven platform focused on corporate social reform through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our unique platform acts as a hub for disseminating CSR knowledge and coordinating public coalitions for CSR advocacy across all sectors in Jordan.