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CosmeSurge, Emirates Hospital Group intend to expand its footprint in UAE & abroad

CosmeSurge Emirates Specialty Hospital in Abu Dhabi is scheduled to be completed by the end of next year and it will consist of two towers

Mr. Khaled Sawaf, CEO of CosmeSurge and Emirates Hospital Group disclosed that the Group intends to open more centers & hospitals in the UAE & abroad, in addition to acquiring specialized medical companies by investing about AED 1 billion.

Mr. Sawaf announced in a press release “we have a strategy to expand in the UAE and acquire specialized medical assets of high quality to accelerate our growth and better serve our patients and provide the highest standards of healthcare services in our region”.

Sawaf said, “the acquisition of Vein Care Clinic in Dubai which specializes in varicose vein treatments and minimally invasive proctology services will strengthen our current service offerings throughout our network in the UAE & abroad”.

He added, “we are on target to complete our transition to a new 85 bed Hospital facility located next to our existing Emirates Hospital in Jumeirah by the 4th quarter of 2016. The new facility shall have delivery services as well as cardiac angiographies and expanded surgical and medical capabilities”.

Moreover, CosmeSurge Emirates Specialty Hospital in Abu Dhabi is scheduled to be completed by the end of next year and it will consist of two towers: the first will include specialized plastic surgery, dermatology and obesity surgery. Whereas the second tower will focus on obstetrics & gynecology and fertility services (IVF) and will have 55 beds.

In addition, we aim to open CosmeSurge & Emirates Hospital One day Surgery at Motor City, Dubai which will have 22 beds and 20 outpatient clinics by the third quarter of next year. Also, our highly successful CosmeSurge and Emirates Hospital clinics in Dubai Marina shall be further expanded to include an additional floor with 18 additional outpatient clinics by the 4th quarter of this year.

Mr. Sawaf added that these new projects will add 17 new operation theatres to the ones already available to the Group.

He added, the Group is preparing to open a branch of CosmeSurge in Doha, the capital of Qatar which will include a one day surgery center in addition to specialized medical clinics. We hope that the Qatar Branch will be open early next year.

Since its inception, our Group distinguished itself in its ability to offer clean and safe surgery. With the grace of God, we performed over 45,000 surgeries without a single mortality since we started 13 years ago.

We endeavor to provide quality service to all patients who entrust us to provide high quality medical and surgical services and who expect high end patient delivery standards rendered by competent medical and support staff.

Mr. Sawaf added, “we are planning to distinguish our hospitals with the introduction of advanced robotic surgeries as well as the implementation of a highly integrated cloud based hospital information system to enhance service delivery throughout our 14 healthcare facilities”.

Mr. Sawaf added, we entered a joint venture with Elixir, a UK based firm with expertise in intravenous vitamin and supplement injections for better wellness, energy, and delay aging.

He added, “CosmeSurge and Emirates Hospital Group participated in the recent Medical Tourism Exhibition that took place in London in an effort to highlight the ranking of the UAE on the World Map of Medical Tourism”.