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The story of money: From Aristotle up until crypto currency

According to Business Insider (BI), HBO’s “Silicon Valley” is a biting satire of the tech industry, and the show’s writers use tech trends like crypto to inform the storylines.

Since the show’s fourth season aired last year, cryptocurrency has gotten much bigger and become something a lot of people are talking about (or getting into) in Silicon Valley — including the characters on “Silicon Valley,” especially Gilfoyle.

In the seventh episode of the comedy’s excellent fifth season, Gilfoyle convinces Pied Piper CEO Richard Hendricks to use an initial coin offering to raise more money instead of a series B round of financing with a venture-capital firm.

In the episode, called “Initial Coin Offering,” Gilfoyle gives Richard a PowerPoint presentation supporting his vision for PiedPiperCoin, but BI didn’t get to see the whole thing — until now.

The following power-point is courtesy of BI, giving a brief history of money leading to cryptocurrency today.