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Cryptos get their own TV show, starring Blockchain & Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies’ rise and fall from grace, and perhaps the comeback story of the year as Bitcoin survives the onslaught of persecution from regulators and skeptics, is nothing short of Hollywood drama.

And now, according to the Bitcoinist, an industry platform, cryptos now have their own show: Coincast TV.

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A new weekly business tv show is set to showcase blockchain companies, crypto assets, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to a global audience, according to the Bitcoinist.

Coincast TV, created by ICO advisor DigitalX and respected crypto business news platform Multiplier Crypto, will be broadcast on Sky News Business and syndicated across Apple TV, the Wall St Journal and related social platforms, reaching an audience of almost 200 million viewers worldwide.

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The program will profile Blockchain companies, provide in-depth market analysis and the latest Blockchain news with a focus on business journalism to educate people and grow the market.

DigitalX CEO Leigh Travers said: “Coincast TV will be a half-hour, weekly Blockchain news program, featuring sponsored news content from Blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses around the world.”

“The Coincast TV program is launching off the back of the success we’ve seen from our existing Blockchain-media platforms, and the positive response we’ve had from our global audience.”

Coincast TV executive producer Heidi Cuthbert, who brings her experience as a former Bloomberg Television anchor to the show, described the new program as ‘CNBC meets MTV’.

Ms. Cuthbert said: “We have recruited a team of former business journalists from highly regarded media outlets such as Sky News and Bloomberg. While we are producing sponsored content, we will keep ultimate editorial control of the program.”

The show will air weekly on Sky News Business in Australia at 7.30pm (EST) on Friday evenings, with several repeat episodes over the weekend.

The first show will go to air on Friday, 10 August 2018.

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Program aims

The creators of the show stated that they intend to help millions of viewers around the world to become aware of all the potential that the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have in the market in a more in-depth way.

As most of the world does not know how to use the blockchain technology or what is actually is, the central idea is that the public can be educated via the show.

Who’s the Star?

In addition to the Blockchain, Bitcoin is likely to be the superstar of cryptos on TV, among altcoins.

Billionaire investor, Bill Miller, CIO of Miller Value Partners believes Bitcoin is the cream of the crop as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned.

“Bitcoin is similar to Gold,” he said in a recent Bloomberg interview.

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Earlier in July, another billionaire investor, Marc Lasry of Avenue Capital Group, said that Bitcoin is the virtual currency that will attract the most investors.

Miller said that he sees Bitcoin (BTC) as most similar to gold, except that it held certain advantages over the precious metal, chief of which are its ease of transfer and ability to function as a medium of exchange.

Miller also predicted that if BTC was able to attain a third of the total market value of gold, then institutions like banks might become more interested in the asset.

The current BTC market capitalization stands at $140 billion which is 47% of the total cryptocurrency market.

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Crypto off-air performance

Cryptos start a new week in the red zone with only two coins out of top-20 showing positive momentum (TRX and LTC), according to FX Street.

The total market cap is registered at $296.9 bn, virtually unchanged on a daily basis.

BTC is down by less than 1% within the past 24 hours,  trading $8,165 at publishing time.

BTC has lost 3.5% from the recent peak registered as high as $8,488 during the previous week.

 Ethereum, the second largest digital coin with current market value $47bn, shows similar momentum, losing 0.5% on a daily basis amid low trading activity following the volatile movements of the previous week. ETH/USD is changing hands at $465.

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