Complex Made Simple

DC undertakes studies to translate MBR Smart Majlis ideas into Development projects

362 ideas forwarded from the Majlis in 7 weeks

Ideas submitted through the Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis have certainly opened new horizons for the development of government services, adding more value to current and future improvement drives.

Dubai Customs (DC) has received constructive ideas and remarks that touch upon different areas of customs processes.

From October 4th till December 10th, a total of 362 ideas and 16 constructive remarks were passed on to Dubai customs by the MBR Smart Majlis. Competent departments reviewed these ideas and handpicked 62 feasible, applicable ones alongside two remarks to be developed into projects.

Studies undertaken by specialized work teams at Dubai Customs are underway to implement constructive ideas that would blossom into successful development projects at some point. The aim is to take customs work to the next level by bring in innovative solutions and services to the business.

H.E. Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director of Dubai Customs, said: “Ideas submitted through the MBR Smart Majlis make up a rich stock of constructive feedback to be implemented in the near future. We have created a novel mechanism to evaluate and follow up on ideas Dubai Customs receives from the MBR Smart Majlis, hoping to ensure optimal outcomes.”

The Director of Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department at Dubai Customs Ahmed Abdul Salam Kazim, said: “The great deal of ideas we have got via the MBR Smart Majlis show that the public has sufficient knowledge about the nature of our work. We are keen to thoroughly review these ideas and turn feasible ones into development initiatives.”