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Decide Community and its partners touching over 2000 blood sugar screenings in UAE

Decide Diabetes Programme tying up with key health care providers, supported by its partners MPC, Merck Serono and Lifescan, spearheaded the Diabetes awareness campaign in the seven emirates touching over 2000 screenings, raising awareness and educating the masses especially during the World Diabetes Month.

Decide diabetes support programme since its launch in November 2011 along with various healthcare bodies have conducted around 9000 blood sugar screening activities at various establishments such as hospitals, organizations, sport clubs and shopping malls in the UAE.

Dr. Wafaa Helmi Ayesh, Director of Clinical Nutrition Department, Clinical Support Services Sector, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) stated that, “Given the right information on the benefits of healthy living, which mainly includes proper nutrition and an active lifestyle, people will be less prone to diabetes and other health-related diseases. Diabetes is a condition that people suffer from nationwide, and majority of them do not know that they are on the verge of getting it. We, at DHA, are committed to the well-being of the residents in the UAE and we are delighted to see an increased level of health consciousness through these events.

Mr. Nizar Mouad, Corporate Marketing Director, Al Noor Hospitals Group stated that, “Al Noor Hospitals Group and Decide conducted two days screening and awareness campaign During World Diabetes month and we gauged the Body Mass Index (BMI) and monitored their blood sugar levels to provide them with the right advice, which the people can follow and thereby become more aware of their personal health. A healthy person can be more productive and is always an asset to not only to the community but also to his own family. Our objective is to provide that right piece of advice, at the right time and we are delighted that after having partnered with Decide we have achieved our goals that we had set out for ourselves prior to this event.”

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) also noted that over 371 million people have diabetes and half do not know they have it. There are several initiatives that are being undertaken by UAE and due to which the country has dropped out of the world’s top 10 diabetes ranking as per the list compiled by IDF ( November 14th 2012 ), UAE is now ranked 11th. Accordingly ongoing efforts and awareness are required to help in dropping this rank further.

“Diabetes Type 2 is a condition induced by sedentary lifestyle. As Decide community we aim at not only raising awareness through our screening campaigns as much as providing practical guidelines on healthy living to prevent the condition.” added Wadad Aboul Khoudoud, Decide Programme Director.

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