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Decide touches 9500 blood sugar screenings in the UAE

Decide Diabetes Programme supported by its partners MPC, Merck Serono and Lifescan, spearheaded the Diabetes awareness campaign in the UAE and has touched over 9500 people through its blood sugar screening campaigns. Decide aims to educate, raise awareness and help in the prevention and management of diabetes across UAE with the support of its partners.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Diabetes Federation has labeled diabetes as a major healthcare challenge of the 21st century.

There are already 300 million people in the world with the disease – 6.6% of the adult population and, by 2030; the International Diabetes Federation estimates that 438 million people will be affected. The increase in the MENA region could almost double from 26.6 million people today to 51.7 million in 2030. Complications arising out of diabetes create economic hardships that tend to influence individuals, families, businesses and society as a whole.

“Diabetes is menacing at a very high alarming pace and to tackle this challenge, Decide regularly conducts large corporate blood sugar screenings. When employees are given the right information on the benefits of healthy living, which consists of a healthy proactive lifestyle and proper nutrition, they will be less prone to diabetes and other health-related diseases. Diabetes as such can be prevented by discipline such as adopting a healthy lifestyle and keeping tab on what you eat apart from doing regular exercises. This is what we wanted to achieve through our partners and we would like to thank them for understanding our objectives and providing us with an opportunity to educate the visitors,” according the Decide Team.

Decide apart from educating people affected by diabetes also assists family members understand how better they can aid and assist those who are affected by this condition. This can be attained by encouraging healthy eating habits, promoting regular physical routines, and overall management and monitoring the different body parts which can be affected by diabetes. Decide with the help of its partners conduct blood sugar screening tests round the clock on a regular basis to curb this alarming menace. The UAE is ranked 15th worldwide, with 18.98% of the UAE population living with diabetes.

Decide also conducts campaigns to create awareness among corporates. Such an event serves as a platform to meet and educate a large group of employees. Decide educates them on basic food habit guidelines and fitness awareness to make then help manage diabetes.

The Decide programme has been associated with healthcare authorities such as Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Ministry of Health, and Emirates Diabetes Society to raise awareness about diabetes within the community. The programme looks forward to promote healthy lifestyle, hold events focused on patients, and provide tools and practical knowhow for patients to manage diabetes in a controlled and efficient manner.