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DED honours 15 graduates of Rawasy programme to develop leaders

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai honoured the first batch of 15 employees including directors of various internal departments who successfully graduated in the ‘Rawasy’ programme to develop leaders.

Held in collaboration with the University of Dubai and the Thunderbird School of Global Management at ASU (Arizona State University), the initiative aims to enhance the managerial and leadership skills and abilities of participants, thus empowering them to play a larger role in the pursuit of economic development. The programme specifically targets DED employees in the middle management level who demonstrate outstanding professionalism and leadership potential.

The graduation ceremony was attended by His Excellency Sami Al Qamzi, Director General of DED, Dr Easa Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai; and Sarah Schwab, General Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa in the Thunderbird School of Global Management and various officials from DED and its agencies as well as from the University of Dubai .

Al Qamzi said: “We are delighted to mark the graduation of the first batch of the Rawasy programme. These candidates were selected according to specific criteria and they had to go through as written test and personal interview as well as workshops and screening by a joint team from the University of Dubai and the Thunderbird School. I am confident these graduates will contribute to enhancing productivity and the level of innovation in their area of work.”

Al Qamzi further said: that “The human resources management policy in DED is not limited to employing individuals but also extends to finding mechanisms to train and develop them to achieve improved performance and skills. Rawasy is one of the targeted strategies DED initiated to develop its cadres and consists of three training modules specifically designed to meet the needs of the attendees and built on the overall strategic plan of DED. We are excited to be partners with the University of Dubai and the Thunderbird School as they enjoy a good reputation in the academic sphere. The University of Dubai aims to support the UAE government’s initiatives in empowering citizens through human resource development programmes for the public and private sectors that are well-aligned with of the highest standards maintained in the UAE and US.”

Dr Bastaki said: that “The University of Dubai continues to extend academic support to governmental and private institutions in Dubai and the UAE. He added that the vocational training provided by the university is linked to the scientific objectives of the UAE, especially with regard to administrative development, which aims to update skills and knowledge and enhance competitiveness among the national workforce.” Bastaki added: that “The University of Dubai is working with international institutes like Thunderbird to secure the best professional training and programmes for students and employees in the UAE.”

“Thunderbird is honoured to partner with DED and the University of Dubai in delivering the ‘Rawasy’ programme to develop DED employees. We are excited to see the managers who participated in our program apply their newly acquired leadership skills. In doing so, they will not only grow professionally and personally but also motivate, encourage and engage their colleagues and team members towards greater professional achievements. Ultimately, investment in leadership development creates sustainable government and enterprise, which form important cornerstones of the Dubai Plan 2021. We thank the DED senior leadership for their commitment and foresight in sponsoring this worthy program,” Sarah Schwab said.