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Delegation from French Institute of Higher National Defense Studies visits PSUAD

A delegation from the French Institute of Higher National Defense Studies visited yesterday the Paris Sorbonne University – Abu Dhabi (PSUAD) to get a better idea about the Abu Dhabi branch of the university, its programs and to discuss any cultural and academic cooperation opportunities, namely in terms of lectures to young people, considered a priority for the institute.

Pr. Eric Fouache, vice-chancellor of Paris Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, alongside a number of faculty from PSUAD, welcomed the delegation and expressed how grateful they were to them for having chosen PSUAD for their cultural and knowledge exchange. This indeed is a clear indication as to the position PSUAD has in the scientific and cultural milieus.

Fouache said, “PSUAD is highly interested in cooperating with the Institute of Higher National Defense Studies, especially that the university always welcomes fruitful collaboration and partnerships that serve the interests of students and the local community.”

Fouache gave a detailed presentation about PSUAD, highlighting its academic achievements, the programs it delivers and the various departments within the university, in addition to the training sessions PSUAD proposes through its various activities. He took the delegation on a tour of the University facilities, showing them the academic installations available, including the language labs, IT rooms, library, study area, and other learning areas made available to students.

Fouache explained to the Institute’s delegation that PSUAD is a bridge between civilizations, emphasizing that the university delivers the same curricula as Paris here in Abu Dhabi, with the same level of excellence. It grants the Sorbonne diploma recognized worldwide from Paris to the Abu Dhabi students. It also implements the European ECTS credit system, considered the optimal step towards global professional excellence.

The delegation members, for their part, expressed their happiness at the high level they witnessed in the university, in terms of facilities but also in terms of the outstanding academic level of students. They emphasized that PSUAD is a leading model in education worldwide and a support to the knowledge society; particularly with the diversity seen in PSUAD, quite larger than the diversity in French universities, providing it with an international teaching environment and creating a climate of tolerance and coexistence between students, which anchors a spirit of peace that graduates take away with them.

The members of the delegation also underlined the important role PSUAD plays as a cultural bridge between European and Arab cultures, considering it a beacon of academia and culture in the Middle East, especially that the diplomas delivered to students were not merely Emirati, and were equivalent to the diplomas of French universities. It is to be noted that the Institute of Higher National Defense Studies trains high level officials on civil and military defense issues through a vision that goes beyond the military perception, promoting all useful knowledge in that context.

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