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Deposits step up Saudi Arabia’s liquidity to highest level ever

Growth due to hike in "time and savings deposits" by almost 22.2 per cent of total domestic liquidity

The time and saving deposits escalated Saudi domestic liquidity to the highest level ever at the end of last September.

Saudi Arabia’s liquidity amounted to SAR1.828 trillion, up by roughly SAR31.1 billion (1.7 per cent) in September, compared with SAR1.797trn by the end of August this year, reports Qatar-based Alsharq.

The growth comes as a result of the hike in the “time and savings deposits” by almost 22.2 per cent of the total domestic liquidity, which contributed to the monthly increase in liquidity levels by almost 83.8 per cent.

An analysis prepared by the reports unit on Monday showed that the liquidity levels also recorded strong growth on the annual performance level by an estimated 8.5 per cent, equivalent to nearly SAR143.95bn, compared with the SAR1.684trn at the end of September last year.

On the other hand, liquidity has grown by an estimated rate of approximately 7.5 per cent since the end of January of this year until the end of last September. This represents an amount equivalent to roughly SAR127.2bn.

(SAR1 = AED0.98, at the time of publishing)