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Detainees in Saudi anti-corruption probe revealed

Saudi Arabia’s crackdown on corruption has resulted into the arrest of various individuals including prominent businessmen, politicians and investors.

Saudi King Salman had announced yesterday (Saturday) the creation of the new anti-corruption committee, chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Since its formation, the anti-corruption committee has arrested “11 Saudi princes, four ministers and ‘tens’ of former ministers” in an anti-corruption probe.

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Saudi’s preemptive strike on corruption is an attempt to consolidate power

According to Saudi sources, names of the individuals detained are:

Billionaire investor Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Billionaire Saleh Kamel and his sons

Muteib Bin Abdullah (head of the National Guard)

Turki Bin Abdullah (mayor of Riyadh)

Turki Bin Nasser

Alwaleed Al Ibrahim (head of Middle East Broadcasting Corp.)

Khaled Al Tuwaijri (head of royal court)

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Adel Fakeih (Minister of economy and planning)

Amr Al Dabbagh (businessman)

Ibrahim Al Assaf (former finance minister)
Bakr Bin Laden

Mohammed Al Tobaishi

Saud Al Dawish (former CEO of Saudi Telecom)

Khaled Al Molhem (former head of Saudia airlines)

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