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DEWA Women’s Committee organises discussion session for women staff

The session’s objectives included empowering women in the workplace, and enhance satisfaction and job loyalty among women staff.

DEWA Women’s Committee has organised a special discussion session for DEWA’s women staff.

The session, which was held at the Raffles hotel in Dubai, supports DEWA’s strategy to make its staff happier and promote communications with them.

The session is part of the Jalasat initiative to enhance communication between DEWA’s management and staff and promote an open-door policy, where DEWA management meets regularly with staff to discuss various aspects of the working environment.

The session’s objectives included empowering women in the workplace, and enhance satisfaction and job loyalty among women staff.

Khawla Al Mehairi, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications at DEWA and Chairperson of the Women’s Committee, Fatima Deemas, Senior Manager of Internal Communications and Vice Chairperson of the Committee, the Committee members, and a large number of Emirati women staff attended the meeting.

The meeting included an open discussion between the Committee members and DEWA’s women employees to build common understanding about the Committee’s current status and future growth opportunities. This was done by discussing opinions and suggestions in different aspects of DEWA’s work.

“DEWA has added a new strategic objective in its strategic map that is directly linked to the happiness of its employees since they are its real wealth. DEWA Women’s Committee achieves this strategic objective by providing various incentives for the women staff, enhancing their role in DEWA’s success and empowering them in the workplace. We also organise many events throughout the year and participate in National and international women activities,” said Al Mehairi.

“Organising Jalasat supports our view that it’s important to strengthen communication among DEWA women staff and provide them with a platform where they can interact with their colleagues from different sectors and departments to discuss all aspects of women’s professional and personal development,” said Deemas.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairperson welcomed the participants, noting that the Committee makes every effort to empower women in all fields. She emphasised that the Committee ensures that its initiatives and activities cover humanitarian, practical, and social aspects to support the role of women at all levels and drive their active participation in DEWA and in society.

At the meeting, DEWA staff participated in an open and transparent discussion that covered the challenges faced by female employees in the working environment. Ladies discussed flexible working hours and suggestions to increase the number of events and activities for women in DEWA’s different branches, and to organise special events where women staff can bring their families.

Other suggestions included organising activities to enhance the capabilities of women staff in the workplace. These included a sports team to participate in sporting events. They also suggested increasing the number of Arabic lessons for non-Arabs.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairperson thanked participants for their presence and for their active participation. She emphasised that all suggestions will be studied and discussed with senior management to be implemented effectively to serve all women employees. Participants commended organising of these meetings, and asked that they be conducted more frequently for everyone’s benefit.

DEWA adopts a well though-out recruitment policy. A total of 1,562 women work in DEWA in all departments and specialities, and 76% of the total female workforce are Emiratis. We have 397 ladies currently working in technical and engineering positions, while 802 work in other roles.

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