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DHA conducts more than 400 nutritional lectures and workshops in 2014.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has conducted more than 400 nutritional workshops and lectures in 2014.

The clinical nutrition department of the DHA has either organized or taken part in the workshops and lectures that are aimed to educate the community about healthy nutrition and disease prevention.

More than 40,000 people have benefitted from these workshops and lectures, said Dr Wafa Ayesh, director of clinical nutrition at the DHA. “Health education is one of the important pillars of the DHA health strategy 2013-2025 and in line with that, we at the Clinical Nutrition department have actively participated in promoting health education to the community. All the programs have been tailor-made for various stakeholders we reached out to including school children, teachers, diabetics, pregnant women etc. “

She added, ” Every individual should be aware of the right food choices and this is extremely important for a person suffering from any kind of disease because incorrect nutrition will aggravate the problem. Our programs educated several stakeholders on the kind of food they should be consuming as well as the need to regularly exercise to maintain good health. Given the prevalence of lifestyle diseases globally as well as in the UAE, now, more than ever, these educational programs hold significant importance as they empower individuals with information to make the right choices.”

The workshops organized by the department included the lunch box campaign, nutritional workshops for firefighters, diabetics, chronically ill patients across DHA hospitals, people with obesity and hypertension, people with cardiac problems etc.

The DHA conducted a total of 159 lectures, of which 33 lectures were conducted in schools, 26 in universities and governmental institutions, 22 in hospitals and wellness clinics and 78 at conferences. Approximately 14,444 people benefitted from these lectures.

The Authority also conducted 256 workshops during 2014. Of these 15 workshops were conducted at schools, 168 at universities and governmental institutions and 74 at hospitals and wellness clinics. Approximately 55,564 people have benefitted from these workshops.

Ayesh added that DHA will continue nutrition and lifestyle education through community driven campaigns and workshops as this is part of DHA’s community outreach strategy to empower people to undertake right nutritional and lifestyle choices