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DHA customer service staff seeks training

In line with the Dubai Health Authority’s(DHAs) strategy to promote and strengthen customer care, the Authority is facilitating various training programs for customer care professionals.

The first batch of twenty customer care professionals completed their training course and have been certified by the Etisalat Academy.

Sheikha Al Rahoomi, Director of Customer Relations Department at the DHA, said, “This is the first batch of graduates and we shall send the remaining customer care professionals for such training programs as well. Customer care is at the heart of the Dubai Health Authority’s Strategy and training is of vital importance in order to ensure we provide high level of customer satisfaction to patients and their family members.”

She said, “The customer relations department has 180 staff members fulfilling different roles such as telephone operators, call centre operators, complaint and suggestions officers etc. and that training will be provided as per the specialty.”

The first phase of training is for customer facing professionals at the Authority.