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DHL Express Qatar stages ‘Health Week 2015’ for employees

Company advocates healthy lifestyle to attain personal & professional goals.

DHL Express Qatar recently staged the third edition of its company-wide physical and mental health and wellness initiative called ‘Health Week’ in line with the overall regional program of DHL Express, the world’s largest express network, aimed at promoting healthy living among its employees.

The one-week event in Doha saw hundreds of staff members participating in a number of exciting activities. Many employees joined a two-kilometer fun run held at the Aspire Zone. They were also given free general medical assessments, including body mass index monitoring and consultations, and underwent blood sugar and blood pressure tests to help them better track their health. Additionally, daily healthy food bags, which contained green tea and honey, were distributed to the staff during this year’s ‘Health Week’ celebrations.

The company further organized a visit to a center for disabled children to highlight its ‘Go Teach’ campaign, its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. During the visit, the participating employees were given an opportunity to spend time with and read to the children.

Nael Attiyat, Country Manager DHL Express Qatar, said: “DHL Express simultaneously held similar events in its other branches across the region. In Doha, we have witnessed the benefits of holding such a strategic initiative ever since it was launched. Inspired by our accomplishments, we introduced more activities this year to highlight the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle among our employees. We believe that health is highly crucial in attaining personal and professional goals.”

“We know for a fact that our employees are most engaged, renewed and focused on their work when they have a strong mind and body. Their improved disposition and outlook in life is directly proportionate to how well they perform their tasks. The happier and healthier they are, the more inspired, and thus more productive, they become. We are further motivated by the initiative’s positive results. Rest assured that our commitment to promote health among our employees does not end in ‘Health Week’ as we shall continue with our advocacy even after the event’s conclusion,” Nael Attiyat added.

In 2014, DHL Express Qatar’s employees took part in several sports activities such as the friendly but gripping football and cricket games as well as in health lectures and sessions led by medical experts. During the lectures, the employees across different divisions learned various means to be fit and sharpen their minds. They also actively engaged in charity walks and a blood donation drive as part of the company’s CSR programs.

DHL Express holds the annual ‘Health Week’ to reenergize the mind and body and inculcate a lifestyle of good nutrition and exercise among staff. Through health-related activities, the company aims to encourage its personnel to set and adhere to their mental and physical health goals.