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DM holds ‘Build Your Bone’ campaign

The Corporate Marketing and Relations Department of Dubai Municipality in collaboration with Ministry of Health, DHA and various health organizations, hospitals and companies organized a health awareness campaign under the title “Build your bone” for its employees.

The campaign, launched by Khalid Bin Zayed, Assistant Director of Dubai Municipality, is aimed at spreading awareness on osteoporosis fracture especially among women and elders due to wrong lifestyles, eating habits and practices in addition to many other reasons.

Khalid Zayed, said, “This is good opportunity for employees to be aware of their health conditions and take necessary steps to protect from many risks associated to osteoporosis fracture and we highly appreciate the Ministry of Health, DHA and their partners to organize this health initiative.”

Dr. Maryam Ahmed Shaker, Consultant Family Physician, from Ministry of Health said that it is a good example for the fruitful cooperation between government organizations and private sector in the field of serving the community and creating a healthy society. Shaker has explained the community health services provided by the Ministry of Health through its health centers and clinics in different parts of the country where many free services are available for citizens in addition to awareness programs for all nationalities to help them understand the proper lifestyle in order to mitigate the risks of several diseases including osteoporosis fracture and related problems.

Dr. Amal Al Jaziri, senior specialist registrar and head of elderly care unit at DHA said we have already covered eight government departments by holding this awareness campaign and the DHA aims to do this campaign with all government bodies in Dubai.

“It is estimated that worldwide, an osteoporosis fracture occurs every three seconds. One in three women and one in five men at the age of 50 will suffer a fracture in their remaining lifetimes,” Dr. Amal said. “The consequences of fracture due to osteoporosis can be extremely serious, 20-24 % of people who have had a hip fracture will die in the first year following the fracture, and many other fracture types are also associated with an increased risk of death,’ she said. ‘Over 80% of fracture patients are never offered screening and/or treatment for osteoporosis, despite the fact that there are effective medications that can reduce fracture risk by as much as 30- 70 %,” she explained.

“In UAE, It is estimated that the yearly number of hip fractures above age 50 year in 2010 was 700 and 1200 are expected by 2020. There are 2.25 osteoporosis hip fractures per 1000 population based on data from the records of major hospitals in the UAE. Being the treatment for osteoporosis is highly expensive comparing to sugar and pressure and other common sicknesses we recommend and suggest the public to lead a healthy life with good practices to increase the density of bones through diet , normal exercise and sunbath …etc,” she added.

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