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DM launches ‘Let’s talk about Dubai’ initiative for school students

The planning department of Dubai Municipality has launched second edition of the community initiative called ‘Let’s talk about Dubai’ for the students of government schools in Dubai.

Eng. Dawood Al Hajiri, director of planning department said this initiative aims at building a new generation that completely aware of the deep-rooted heritage and traditions of the emirate. It will also help students understand the role of Dubai Municipality and other government departments in the planning and designing the infrastructure of the city of Dubai , that always lives in future.

‘The first stage targeted students of primary schools, now in the second stage our target is students in secondary level. A team of our trained employees are entrusted to visit government schools in the emirate and conduct lectures and workshops using advanced technology on the mechanism of planning and infrastructure undertaken by the civic body,’ he said.

‘We received great response from the schools and students. Our new generation is very much keen to closely understand the history and stages of development in Dubai. Inspired by the good response , we would like to continue the initiative in coming years,’ he added.