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DM starts summer training programme 2014

Dubai Municipality has started its summer training programme for students for this year which will continue till 25 August under the title ‘Innovative Summer’.

Khalid Abdul Rahim, Director of Human Resource Department said: ‘The summer training aims at providing students of higher secondary and university students with opportunities to excel their skills and gain experiences that help them distinguish in their professional life as well as to introduce them about the actual working environment through the practice of different corporate responsibilities with civic body’s departments,’.

He also encouraged the students to exploit and utilize their leisure time in a positive way for the good of their selves and the society.

Ahlam Merza, head of human resources development section at Dubai Municipality said total 170 students registered from various educational organizations and they have been distributed in different organizational units taking into account their location of stay.

‘We need an responsive and capable generation to face challenges and rapid developments. Hence, we instill moral values and principles of work ethics to the trainees and develop their skills and capabilities in order to qualify them in the battle of real life,’ Merza said.

‘The training also helps to get an overall knowledge about the diversified roles of civic body in serving the community, its eventful history with stages of development as one of the largest government organizations in the country,’ she said.
‘In preparation for the training programme, an introductory workshop has been conducted for the trainees where they have been introduced about the targets of summer training, rights and responsibilities of the trainees and suggestion system of Dubai Government. The training kit that includes all necessary information was also distributed for all,’ she continued.
‘The trainees are entitles for monthly scholarship in accordance with their educational levels and will be treated as employees in terms of their responsibilities at work,’ she added.