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Doha Bank sees enhanced potential in Kuwait; synergies with the Bank’s global network

Doha Bank, one of the leading banks in the GCC region with full branches in Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE, said building its partnerships in Kuwait is one of its top priorities in the current fiscal year.

Doha Bank Group CEO, Dr. R. Seetharaman was speaking at a media briefing to address the Bank’s perspective on Kuwait.
Dr. Seetharaman said: “Kuwait enjoys strong bilateral trade partnerships with countries such as USA, the United Kingdom, India, Japan, South Korea and China. Kuwaiti companies are also looking in these markets to establish strong partnerships or to grow organically, and Doha Bank is keen to support their ambitions through a global representative network that represents a large proportion of their target markets. The trade of services is growing and there are many global service leaders in many sectors looking to partner with Kuwaiti brands, and likewise Kuwait brands seeking to expand their footprint.”

In addition to full branches in Qatar, Kuwait, and the UAE, Doha Bank has representative offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Sharjah (UAE), South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. The Bank recently acquired the operations of a foreign bank operating in India, which allows it to utilize its previously approved full banking license in India imminently, opening up a major opportunity.

“Doha Bank can help clients through corporate and retail banking services. Our partnerships with the leading local and international legal and advisory firms also go a long way in helping our clients,” said Dr. Seetharaman.

Doha Bank is currently hosting a roadshow for its partners and clients in Kuwait at the JW Marriott hotel focusing on local construction and infrastructure projects as well as key issues such as performance metrics in the sector, contracts and legal considerations for the industry’s various players.

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