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Donald Trump: Predictions vs Reality

* Donald Trump’s victory overturns almost all of the statements and forecasts of the past several months

* Demonstrators marched across several US cities, blasting Trump’s rhetoric

* Many world leaders have voiced open concerns about his tenure as President of the United States


The unexpected US presidential election victory for Trump surprised most observers, to say the least.

During the candidates’ campaigns and throughout the election night, the world heard from numerous analysts, leaders and communities about what would happen if Trump wins.

This is the tally so far of what was said and what actually happened:


They said: He will not win.

What actually happened: He won.

Almost all polls, forecasts and bets were on his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump snatched the victory from Clinton by getting key states of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. (More from election night here)


They said: Markets will crash.

What actually happened: They crashed, but rebounded quickly.

Indeed, international markets, especially Asian shares, slid sharply as Trump edged close to the White House on election night. However, it did not take long for most markets to rebound and even close nearing record highs, evaporating what can be regarded as a temporary panic attack. (First market reactions after Trump’s victory: Read here)


They said: There will be chaos.

What actually happened: We don’t know yet.

Many American were not pleased with the election outcome, and the win of Donald Trump, so thousands of them took to the streets to express the objection to the results.

Demonstrators marched in several cities across the United States, blasting Trump’s campaign rhetoric about immigrants, Muslims and other groups and communities. The repercussions of his statements as well as what decisions he will take as US President remain to be seen, however.


They said: Fear him as a leader.

What actually happened: Many are indeed afraid of what he might do.

To many of the world’s leaders, Donald Trump does not possess the typical collected, politically correct persona associated with politicians and world leaders. His spontaneity and bluntness would make many people uncomfortable.

After his victory announcement, although congratulatory statements poured in from around the world, some leaders were openly concerned.