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DORMA Gulf introduces MUNDUS

MUNDUS isan award winning design for toughened glass assemblies;comes with high-quality material with careful workmanship.

DORMA, the trusted global partner for premium access solutions & services launches MUNDUS, a groundbreaking and revolutionary design, to match the most common glass cut-outs used around the world.

MUNDUS enriched with a sophisticated appearance has successfully encapsulated its exciting new design formula with awide range of patch fittings capable of accommodating a toughened-glass assemblies, with customized solutions.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Noushath Ahamed, Product Marketing Manager, DORMA Gulf, said “We are extremely pleased to launch one of our revolutionary products MUNDUS, here in the gulf region. Well accepted globally, MUNDUS is one of the unique and novel introductions from DORMA, where we see a successful application of an exciting new design formula with enriched features. The key feature that tops the list is the fittings which comes with an integrated multi-dimensional adjustability, amongst others allowing for a choice of pivot points between 52 and 73 mm and a perfect alignment of the glass panels. The possible glass thicknesses range from 8 to 22 mm; the glass type used can be single pane toughened glass or laminated safety glass. With the latter, MUNDUS offers even more impressive benefits. We are hoping to see that the product receives a good response from the Gulf region as well, and looking at more and more demand for MUNDUS.”

The German Design Council awarded the MUNDUS fittings as “Interior Innovation Award – Winner 2015”, which demonstrates the high design quality of the MUNDUS fittings. The smooth, flat fitting cap comes in stainless steel, aluminum or even glass – in various color finishes, with a very faint dark trim that almost disappears, leaving only the impression of a shadow. There are no visible fixings to interfere with the smooth surface. The cap materials and colors are aligned to general architectural trends for ready adaptation to the color scheme of the building. DORMA has its choice of finishes under constant review to keep abreast of changing market requirements.

The technical possibilities embodied in MUNDUSis equally impressive. The cover dimensions and the fixings match the most common glass cut-outs encountered around the world – a big advantage when retrofitting to existing glass. In laminated safety glass (LSG), the lamination film provides diverse optical possibilities and can also serve as a technical feature, e. g. for sound absorption, or an electric pulse can switch the glass from transparent to opaque for more privacy. Previously, the use of laminated glass was beset with problems such as aging of the lamination film resulting in a loss of clamping force.

Now DORMA has a solution in its kitty; its new Clamp & Glue technology available across its range of glass fixing products. With glue-fixing, the MUNDUS fittings hold the glass panels securely in place without affecting their adjustability and aesthetics, which remains possible at any time.