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Dr. Fakhro receives Chairman of MTQ

Industry and Commerce Minister Dr. Hassan Fakhro met Mr. Kok Kim Kuah chairman of MTQ. The meeting was attended by Undersecretary of Industry Affairs Mr. Osama Mohammed Al Orrayedh.

During the meeting, Dr. Fakhro expressed government welcome to all regional and global business and investment aimed to establish a large scale projects from all over the world in the kingdom, noting that Bahrain embrace many major international companies which operates in many economic sectors.

The minister noted Kingdom infrastructure and potentials offered by the government for aimed project that would upgrade the national economy and enhance kingdom’s reputation as a strategic center for global trade and services.

It is worth noting that the company ‘MTQ Corporation Limited’ was established in the Kingdom of Bahrain at Salman Industrial city in June 2009. MTQ is a company which provides services in modernizing equipment used in the oil fields and offshore platforms.

From his part, he appreciates government and ministry for their support and facilities provided by various investment institutions.