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Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital completed in DHCC

Shapoorji Pallonji - Constructed Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib ‘Digital Hospital’ opens in Dubai Healthcare City

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City’s latest medical facility, which is constructed by main contractor Shapoorji Pallonji, has the latest and state-of-the-art facilities for healthcare.

Supporting the vision of the Dubai government to promote the Emirate as a global medical and healthcare hub, the Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital has been described as a ‘Digital Hospital’ according to its eponymous owners.

Covering 175,000 square feet, the facility provides 122,500 square feet of medical facilities including 131 patient rooms, 32 intensive care unit beds and 7 operation theatres totalling to 200 beds, each equipped with the latest in medical technology.

The facility also has the world’s most advanced computed tomography called REVOLUTION CT. However delivering such a facility in the middle of one of the world’s largest healthcare free zone was indeed a challenging task.

Speaking with Shapoorji Pallonji’s (SPINT) Managing Director and CEO, Mr M.D Saini explained some of the challenges involved with the project.

“Coordinating the construction of any building within an existing community brings several challenges with it. To start with, our working area was limited, meaning a reduction in our storage capacity on site, meaning we had to lease a plot nearby to use as a lay down area. With the plot surrounded by existing roads and being close to a roundabout, we took great care in coordinating the movement of materials to and from the site to minimise the disruption to the community. Another issue was that of minimising noise pollution. Through strategic planning, we coordinated the works that would cause the least amount of noise to take place from dusk to dawn, ensuring that the ambiance from the site was no more than 50 decibels, inline with the standards set by the DHCC authority.

“The second major challenge we faced was in relation to the ongoing changes in design which is somehow inevitable while constructing such a world class unique facility. As a medical facility, with over 2,000 items of biomedical equipment to consider, changes in design have a knock on effect, particular with the electromechanical works. While the various changes caused some amendments to our schedule, by allocating additional resources, we were able to accelerate the progress and make up three months which brought down the total build time.”

Working with companies such as General Electric, Schneider, Cloud Solutions Co. and Pro Medic; Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital has been designed with the digital age in mind. With over 18 smart tech systems installed throughout the hospital, the features include nurse-calling system integrated with wireless telephone system, AVAYA-PABX and smart switches through to sensors that restrict access to visitors or personnel who haven’t washed their hands properly.

The medical centre also has the fully robotic angiography with a laser-guided imaging system, which makes it the first facility outside of the United States to have a cardiac catheterization unit. Other features of the facility include VIP and royal suites, with all patients able to gain access to the 187 clinical and non-clinical departments located on site.