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DTZ enhances its valuation and research operations in Qatar

DTZ continues its drive to lead the Qatari real estate market with international best practice standards

Global real estate company DTZ is pleased to announce that the sixth team member of the company’s Doha office has been awarded membership to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) after successfully passing the Assessment of Professional Competence.

DTZ is the longest established global real estate advisory firm with a permanent office in Qatar since 2005. The firm is approved by the majority of banks and financial institutions in Qatar and acts for many Government institutions and real estate companies.

“As a full service real estate entity, we are focused on bringing international best practice to the Qatari property market. The DTZ team has a ten year track record in Doha that enables us to combine our global expertise with excellent local market knowledge and insight for the benefit of our clients. The Qatari market is evolving rapidly and we are conscious that this evolution needs to be met with credible, accurate and current insight. With the addition of Richard Rayner as a RICS member, we now have six team members with this distinction in our office, the highest proportion of any real estate agency in this market,” commented Edd Brookes, General Manager of DTZ Qatar.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is the most highly respected global organization for professionals in the property, land, and construction industries. RICS establishes and regulates the highest professional standards for the benefit of business, industry and the community. Most financial institutions require valuation reports that uphold the International Valuation Standards best practice. Reports with this standard are likely to be insisted upon within the market within the near future, as Qatar’s Real Estate sector becomes fully established and looks to attract international investors. This could play a role in decreasing market volatility, a hot topic as Qatar gears up to the 2022 World Cup.

Richard Rayner, MRICS Chartered Surveyor for DTZ, said: “Providing clients with accurate and impartial valuation advice enables them to make well informed strategic decisions about their existing and potential real estate assets. Adhering to RICS standards supports the sustainable development of the real estate industry in Qatar and provides confidence to market participants and the end users of our valuation reports. As the real estate industry in Qatar gathers momentum, many investors and financial institutions, especially the regional players looking to expand internationally, are opting for RICS standard valuations.”

“Mr. Rayner joins our team of fully qualified professional members of RICS, who have all demonstrated the academic and technical competencies required for the RICS qualification, using a strict code of ethics outlined by RICS. This ensures the DTZ team protects clients with impartial advice and guidance. As a Qatar-based entity we aim to grow with the market. Supporting our staff to develop their professional qualifications is one of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to achieving a transparent and regulated real estate market,” stated Brookes.

Worldwide, DTZ has over 800 RICS members.