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Dubai Autism Center supports volunteerism in UAE

Volunteers from different companies are manning the Dubai Autism Center booth which has visited various government offices in Dubai to increase awareness on Autism Spectrum Disorder and the campaigns of the Center.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurological developmental disorder affecting the person’s verbal and social communication skills. The incidence of Autism is increasing worldwide with a 400 per cent rise in the diagnosis of Autism in the last decade. One out of every 68 children is affected by ASD.

Beginning 14th September, The DAC booth has been handled by volunteers who have been responsible for distributing flyers, selling DAC branded shirts, pins and sun shades while sharing basic information on Autism and DAC campaigns. DAC’s Autism Encyclopedia-a one-of-a-kind compilation of information on Autism developed by DAC, is also on sale at the booth.

“We support and encourage volunteerism in the country. The DAC was built and developed through the pioneering effort of volunteers guided by a common vision. We would like to return this favor by offering volunteering opportunities to the community. DAC is committed in keeping the voluntary spirit in the country alive,” said Mr. Mohammed Al Emadi, Director General and Board member of DAC.

Dubai Autism Center (DAC) was founded in 2001 with the issuance of a decree from the Ruler of Dubai. DAC is an innovative and comprehensive non-profit organization in the United Arab Emirates, delivering excellent services to children with Autism. As a non- profit organization, DAC is dependent on the grants and donations from generous sponsors and volunteers in order to ensure continued services to people affected by Autism.

The DAC booth has visited numerous government offices and companies in Dubai, ending its run during the National Day Celebration. Since September, the booth has been handled by volunteers coming mostly from Standard Chartered Bank.

“Over the past 56 years of presence in the UAE, our employees have always been passionate about our sustainability agenda. It is integrated into the way we do business and our contribution today is a testament to our community in which we operate and to our brand promise Here for good,” said Jennifer Kang, Head of Sustainability and Community Engagement at Standard Chartered Bank.

“We would like to thank the community for heeding our call for volunteers. We are overwhelmed by their support and we hope that this spirit of volunteerism continues. DAC will be announcing more opportunities for voluntary engagement in the near future,” added Mr. Emadi.

The Dubai Autism Ccenter campaign will go on until 2015 and will be needing volunteers to support its activities.