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Dubai’s track record: 96% consumer complaints resolved

Consumers can contact the CCCP over the phone by dialing 600 54 5555, through social media, or via the consumer protection app called Smart Protection.

32,650 consumer complaints in 2018 Majority of consumer complaints regarding non-compliance of purchase agreements 96 percent complaints resolved to complainant satisfaction within 4 working days

Dubai received 32,650 complaints from consumers and 1,657 complaints from businesses, the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection sector of the Department of Economic Development (DED) revealed on Monday. This emphasizes the compliance sector's openness to communicate with different customer groups and demonstrates its determination to protect the rights of consumers and businesses. Using its diverse resolution channels, the sector resolved 96 percent of the complaints within a maximum of four working days.

"Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between the consumer and the trader, create an exemplary business environment and promote a culture of awareness and impartiality in buying and selling in Dubai, particularly within the emirate's vital retail sector," said Mohammed Ali Rahid Lootah, CEO of CCCP.

On average, the department received 2,720 complaints per month with the services sector accounting for 24.2 percent of the total in 2018, followed closely by the electronics sector at 17.2 percent and e-commerce at 13.7 percent.

Data sourced from Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection sector of the DED, Dubai


Majority of the complaints received from the consumers were related to non-compliance with purchase agreements, refunds, and defective products. On the other hand, 79 percent of the business complaints were due to non-compliance with the terms of agreements.

Mohammed Ali Rahid Lootah, CEO of CCCP, said that the overall statistics from 2018 underline a successful year for the compliance sector in enhancing awareness among consumers and traders in Dubai.

Based on nationality, UAE citizens accounted for 30.7 percent of consumer complaints and 36.5 percent of business complaints raised in 2018, followed closely by Indians, Egyptians, and Saudis.

How to register a complaint

Consumers and business owners can contact the CCCP over the phone by dialing 600 54 5555, through social media or by downloading the Dubai Economy's consumer protection app called Smart Protection. The mobile application, which is available on Android and iOS phones, is based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology that responds efficiently and in a timely manner to resolve complaints. The app gathers details about the complaint following which the consumer receives an empowerment letter to be presented to the trader/company. The matter must be resolved within seven days from receiving the letter, failing which the CCCP will take necessary action.

Do you know your rights?

Article No. (4) of the Federal Law No. 24/2006 protects the rights of consumers. It spells out the rights and obligations of a consumer to question overpricing, fraudulent commercial activities, poor quality of products and services, refund policies, and more.

Consumers can also raise a complaint regarding online purchases from Dubai-based companies. The DED, however, does not assist consumers if a product or service has been purchased from unlicensed retailers or sellers such as street vendors.