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Dubai Customs holds ‘Your Happiness is Our Goal’ Annual Vendor Forum 2015

The audience was warmly greeted to the forum and introduced to the journey and achievements of Dubai Customs both nationally and internationally.

As part of Dubai Customs’ commitment to meeting the objectives of UAE Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021 of realizing public wellbeing and customer happiness, DC has held its Annual Vendor Forum 2015 under the theme ‘Your Happiness is Our Goal’ at Al Furdah Hall in DC head office.

The forum was attended by Ahmed Obaid Al Falasi, Acting Executive Director for Human Resources, Finance and Administration Division – Director of Administration Affairs Department (AAD), alongside a number of department executives and staff of AAD and other relevant departments, as well as a host of DC vendors.

The DC Vendors Forum is been held annually to strengthen communication with suppliers and reach out to them to hear their feedback and suggestions for business improvement to achieve mutual interests, which will benefit the prosperity and competitiveness of Dubai and the UAE.

More than 400 vendors and service providers are currently registered with Dubai Customs and compete to provide top services in the areas of information technology, consulting, outsourcing, and delivery and maintenance of various supplies and equipment.

The audience was warmly greeted to the forum and introduced to the journey and achievements of Dubai Customs both nationally and internationally. They were also updated on the major highlights of DC’s strategic plan 2016-2021and implications for suppliers in terms of the measures undertaken to get them actively involved to help meet their needs and achieve the goals of the six-year plan.

Ahmed Obaid Al Falasi delivered the opening address, through which he thanked and showed due appreciation to all registered vendors whose cooperation and partnership have taken Dubai Customs to the frontline of world leadership as an internationally acclaimed role model in global Customs work.

“The achievements we have made and the successful projects carried out in such a short period of time, as well as the global recognitions we have received would not have been attained if it weren’t for the suppliers’ support, loyalty and devoted services,” he said.

He added that Dubai Customs considers its vendors real partners in success and aims to continue fostering this fruitful engagement to serve the shared interests of all parties. “We are committed to boosting communication with our vendors whose remarks and feedback are always welcome and form an important foundation for our progress and improvement.”

He further noted, “Dubai Customs cares about its extensive network of vendors and always makes sure they are well informed and updated on all aspects of our business. We ensure transparency in vendor evaluation and selection as well as the clarity of procedures in terms of contractual documentation and purchasing orders. Dubai Customs has a long-standing commitment to granting a fair opportunity for new companies to participate in tenders and procurement orders, based on a sound decision-making process with clear criteria.”

For his part, Mohamed Al Busmait, Senior Manager, Contracts and Purchasing Section, praised the vendors that are doing business with Dubai Customs. He emphasized DC’s keenness on boosting its relationship with vendors in the way that best satisfies them so they would always make DC their first choice; managing the supply chain competently and effectively to ensure high quality and smooth flow of the projects, equipment, and services that DC needs to meet its mission and objectives; furthering the principles of transparency, competitiveness, and law compliance, as well as promoting the values of excellence, creativity, and innovation in order to develop smart solutions and services with high added value; in addition to fostering communication with suppliers through the available channels and enhancing the current level of performance by qualifying suppliers, and amplifying constructive competition among them.

He added, “Dubai Customs has also sought to build up mutual trust with vendors, particularly by opening more communication channels though focus groups divided according to the services provided to each individual department within DC, organizing several internal awareness workshops which have positively impacted the overall supplier satisfaction, and reducing the bill payment period from 60 to 30 days. Transparency has also been enhanced by means of introducing suppliers to the adopted process for filing complaints and suggestions.”

Al Busmait also pointed out that a special unit is presently being instituted to handle all supplier affairs and improve business relationships with them. Among its key responsibilities are to manage and oversee the qualification and classification of eligible suppliers, i.e. contractors, consultants, and service providers, and to set up and maintain an inclusive database of all qualified vendors that would meet the needs and support the strategic directions of Dubai Customs, in addition to managing and monitoring the assessment of vendor performance, launching programs and initiatives to support the projects of young members of Dubai SME, and developing an electronic system to qualify suppliers and evaluate their performance.

During the forum, a group of 14 suppliers were selected and honoured based on their strong engagement and active contribution to the execution of the organization’s various projects in 2015.

The attending vendors were particularly satisfied at this forum which gave them a perfect opportunity to get first-hand information, keep abreast of new developments at Dubai Customs, discuss issues being faced, and share ideas and views towards stronger and more rewarding Customs-supplier business ties.