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Dubai developer uses new cladding technology to boost fire resistance 

Dubai developer ARTAR will use a newly developed form of cladding, which offers fire-resistance up to temperatures of 1200ºC, in the construction of a residential tower in Dubai, according to a statement issued by the company on the occasion of Cityscape Global’s opening Monday.

“ARTAR is committed to the use of the new cladding after inspecting its fire-resistant qualities at the manufacturing facility in Spain. The insulation powers of the new cladding panels also reduce AC consumption in the summer to produce energy savings of up to 30 percent,” said the statement.

The new cladding, which was developed in Spain, will be used for the 36-storey Mada Residences building rapidly taking shape at the heart of Dubai’s Downtown district.

Dubai fire breaks

Dubai witnessed several fire breaks in the past two years, with the last one taking place on August 4 this year at Dubai’s Torch Tower in the Marina district.

Also, in a fire that erupted in Dubai in 2015, the external cladding on the building was blamed for the rapid spread of the fire, leading to the decision to fully renovate the exterior cladding.

In June this year, a fire at Grenfell tower in west London led to at least 80 deaths.

According to The Telegraph, the growth of the fire was made worse by the tower’s exterior cladding, which was similar to the materials used at Dubai’s Torch tower.

The consecutive fire break incidents revived questions about the safety of materials used on the exteriors of tall buildings across the UAE. For this purpose, ARTAR launched this new form of cladding.

New cladding to be used by more developers

ARTAR, which is on course to complete Mada Residences on time in Q2, 2018, believes the new cladding will become a common sight across the Emirates.

“Mada Residences will be the first residential tower in Dubai to use it, but we expect many more developers to introduce the technology,” said ARTAR COO Okbah Abdulkarim, speaking from the company’s Cityscape Global exhibition stand at Dubai World Trade Centre Monday.

ARTAR, backed by 50 years of regional experience, is using Cityscape to spotlight the Signature Collection of nine elite four-bedroom apartments at Mada Residences, which is a one-minute walk away from the new Dubai Mall extension, according to the statement.