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Dubai expats earn $140k a year, much lower than expats in India

While Dubai tops all cities in the Middle East region when it comes to the amount it pays its expat workers, it failed to make the top 10 globally.

In a recent survey, conducted by HSBC, looking at expat salaries globally, Dubai ranked 11th, with expats earning an average of $138,177 (over AED500,000) per annum, more than the global average expat salary of $99,903 and ahead of cosmopolitan cities, such as Tokyo, Sydney and Singapore.

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Abu Dhabi and Kuwait came 16th and 17th, with average expat salaries at $127,456 and $123,041 respectively.

Asian cities dominate top 10

India’s financial capital Mumbai topped the list, with expatriates taking home a whopping $217,165 a year. Double the global average salary and $80,000 more than expats in Dubai. Shanghai followed at no. 4 with $202,211, Jakarta $152,589 and Hong Kong $148,410.

“Mumbai has the highest percentage of expats sent by their employer – these expats often benefit from relocation packages which goes some way in explaining the higher salaries expats enjoy in the city,” Bloomberg quoted Dean Blackburn, who heads HSBC Expat. Blackburn also cited high employment and experience levels among expats and a substantial stake of engineers relocating from Germany and other infrastructure companies as reasons for Mumbai’s top slot.

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Top 20 cities with highest expat salaries are:

1. Mumbai, India: $217,165
2. San Francisco, US: $207,227
3. Zurich, Switzerland: $206,875
4. Shanghai, China: $202,211
5. Geneva, Switzerland: $184,942
6. New York, US: $182,240
7. Los Angeles, US: $161,126
8. Jakarta, Indonesia: $152,589
9. Hong Kong, China: $148,410
10. Paris, France: $139,602

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11. Dubai, UAE: $138,177
12. Moscow, Russia: $35,909
13. Sydney, Australia: $134,368
14. Tokyo, Japan: $132,508
15. Doha, Qatar: $131,408
16. Abu Dhabi, UAE: $127,456
17. Kuwait: $23,041
18. Bangkok, Thailand: $119,601
19. Nairobi, Kenya: $119,182
20. Singapore: $117,904

Findings were based on feedback gathered from 27,587 expatriates in 159 countries. With a minimum sample of 90 expat respondents required. 52 cities were included in the final data analysis.