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Dubai foreign trade totals AED966 billion in nine months

High volume result of increase in quantity of imported, exported and re-exported goods

The value of Dubai’s non-oil foreign trade during the first nine months of this year amounted to AED966 billion, according to a report published by Al Bayan newspaper.

The report indicates that the value of the emirate’s imports stood AED597bn, while exports reached $100bn and re-exports, AED269bn. The emirate has succeeded in containing the effects of oil price fluctuations and declines the global economy saw during the year.

Dubai has been able to maintain this high volume of foreign trade as a result of the large increase in the total volume and the quantity of imported, exported and re-exported goods that the emirate handled.

The total volume of goods in Dubai’s foreign trade, as measured by weight, increased from 60.6 million tonnes in the first nine months of 2014 to reach 63.7m tons in the same period this year, up by 3.1m tonnes.

Furthermore, Dubai has strengthened its foreign trade markets to include different continents and regions of the world.

China remains the top trading partner of Dubai, as bilateral trade hit AED132bn in the nine-month period, a growth of 5.1 per cent.