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Dubai Health Authority hosts ‘Leaders at Your Service’ initiative

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) held the monthly ‘Leaders at Your Service’ initiative to provide customers with an opportunity to directly express their feedback, suggestions and complaints to senior DHA leaders.

This is the fourth month this initiative is taking place at the DHA headquarters.

Sheikha Al Rahoomi, director of customer relations department at the DHA highlighted the importance of this initiative and said, “This initiative provides customers with a direct platform to communicate with the leaders of the DHA and give their suggestions, feedback or complaints. All calls received during the two hour live session are recorded and promptly followed-up. In addition to this, the DHA has several platforms for customers to communicate with us.” Al Rahoomi said, “During this initiative customers can call 800 342 to directly speak to the leaders selected.”

Dr Ahmad Bin Kalban, CEO of Hospital Service Sector and Dr Muna Tahlak, CEO of Latifa Hospital engaged with customers on various topics related to services provided at DHA hospitals including Latifa Hospital.

Kalban highlighted the need for customers to ensure they follow-through with their appointments and inform the administration if they intend to cancel it. He said, “In order to serve patients better and in order to reduce waiting time, we request patients who intend to cancel or reschedule their appointment to contact us. Presently despite confirming appointments, we have a 25 to 30% no-show rate, which means the person does not come for their appointment and does not inform the hospital administration.”

He also advised patients to ensure they reach the hospital 10 minutes prior to the appointment rather than reach late, as it leads to a longer waiting time for all patients.

Kalban said, “The services of a hospital should be availed in case of an urgent or emergency situation, otherwise the first-point-of-contact for patients should be a primary healthcare centre, two of which ( Al Barsha and Nad Al Hamar) are open 24 hours a day.”

Dr Tahlak also seconded this opinion and added, “Presently all low-risk pregnant patients at Latifa Hospital visit a primary healthcare centre for routine appointments until the time of delivery. This ensures the hospital only caters to real-emergencies and deliveries and this is also convenient for patients who require routine follow-ups as they do not need to go through long-waiting times to see their physician.” She also added, “Latifa Hospital is a specialised gynaecology and paediatric hospital only and therefore other cases are referred to other DHA hospitals.”

Speaking about the neonatal services and unit at Latifa Hospital, she said, “The expansion of the neonatal unit is in the last stage and will be completed shortly. She also advised pregnant women to select their hospital after enquiring about all the services available at the hospital, especially the neonatal services which is crucial in case of preterm delivery.”

Several queries were addressed during the two-hour live session.