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Dubai Health Authority launches Dubai standards of healthcare for respiratory care

In March this year, the DHA launched unified standards of care for diabetes management.

The move is aimed to promote unified management of respiratory diseases for patients in Dubai. This means that all healthcare providers in the emirate – private and public- will follow the same standards of care for very patient with respiratory problems in Dubai.

DHA will train more than 700 physicians across the private and public sector to ensure unified protocols are followed.

In March this year, the DHA launched unified standards of care for diabetes management.

Dr Haidar Al Yousuf, Director of Health Funding Department at the Dubai Health Authority said: “Through this second series of the Dubai Standards in Healthcare Program, we aim to promote better management of people with respiratory disease by providing clinicians with evidence based best-practice tools to make consistent the quality of care provided by healthcare providers to patients in Dubai.

“The program is designed to incorporate the latest updates in screening, diagnosis and prevention of respiratory diseases. The project will ensure healthcare providers follow unified treatment guidelines and criteria for referral, pharmacological therapy and management of respiratory disease complications in all health settings including primary health care. We invite all health professionals committed to the care of patients with respiratory disease to actively participate in this program.”

Dubai Standards in Health Care program consists of a series of accredited educational events, starting on 11 December 2015.

The project launched by the Dubai Health Authority is supported by AstraZeneca and includes a series of educational programs to provide healthcare practitioners with best practice guidelines and standards in respiratory care.