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Dubai Health Authority launches healthcare volunteer program

In 2015, the DHA’s assistance program has helped provide financial assistance worth 55 million dirhams to patients who cannot afford treatment

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) launched today a volunteering program to assist patients who require moral support and for patients with financial constraints.

The project was announced at the first volunteering forum organised by the DHA. The volunteer initiative is part of the DHA’s Mosaadah(assistance) program, which is one of the key initiatives of the DHA. Through this program, the Authority reaches out to both locals and non-locals who require medical treatment but cannot afford it.

In 2015, the program has helped provide financial assistance worth 55 million dirhams to patients who cannot afford treatment. This has been possible through the support of various individuals and charitable organisations.

Dubai Health Authority provided a certificate to 10 volunteering organisations that have supported the DHA’s Mosaadah( assistance) initiative and the Authority announced today the launch of the volunteering program which is open to all DHA staff members and residents of the UAE.

Salem bin Lahej, head of the Mosaadah program said: “In line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, we are pleased to launch this program, which presents a unique opportunity to give back to our community and to help patients who are facing financial difficulties or those who require our moral support and time. This program underlines the vision of our leaders to help the underprivileged and to spend time with the elderly population and those suffering from disabilities.”

Sign-up forms are available on the DHA website, so that volunteers can register online.

Bin Lahej, said: “People can decide to volunteer in any capacity they like, they can spend time with elderly patients, with children suffering from chronic diseases etc. They can jot down their preferences on the registration form and we will discuss the opportunities available in the area that best matches their interests and meets the needs of our program.”

Bin Lahej said “Patients with various medical conditions including burns, cardiac problems, cancer patients etc. were provided treatment through the Mosaadah program.”

Those interested to volunteer and/or donate, may contact representatives of the Mosaadah program at 009714 2197474.