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Dubai Health Authority receives South African delegation

The two sides discussed cooperation in the field of professional development.

The Dubai Health Authority(DHA) recently received a South Africa delegation.

Dr Jamila Al Sheikh, Acting-Director of Medical Education at the DHA received the delegation that included Gustaaf Wolvaardt Managing Director at Foundation for Professional Development (FPD), Werner Swanepoel, Managing Director of Medical Practice Consulting and Mobeen Abdul Haqq CEO and Managing Director of International Centre of Excellence.

The two sides discussed cooperation in the field of professional development.

Al Sheikh provided an overview of all the medical and non-medical training programs undertaken by the Authority and highlighted the importance given to training in the Dubai Health Strategy 2013-2025.

Al Sheikh said: “ The DHA focusses on both medical and non-medical training for its staff as we understand that professional development courses help enhance employee skill-sets, increases confidence, and improves performance. This is especially critical in the medical field which is ever-evolving and therefore we need to keep pace with the advances in medicine in the clinical and non-clinical side.”

The two sides discussed opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing and Al Sheikh highlighted the DHA’s commitment to improve and enhance medical education in Dubai.

The South African delegation provided an overview of their expertise in international relations, health education, health development and innovative leadership programs.