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Dubai Hospital conducts educational lecture on diabetic foot prevention and management

Dubai Hospital recently conducted an educational lecture on diabetic foot prevention and management.

The event was organized by the general surgery department and more than 50 doctors and nurses attended the lectures and workshops that discussed the latest trends in the prevention and management of diabetic foot.

Dr Eissa Rashid Al Hamarani, Acting Medical Director of Surgical Divisions in Dubai Hospital, said: “Diabetic foot ulcers are the most common cause of lower limb amputation in the Middle East, as well as across the globe. Statistics suggest that 70 per cent of worldwide amputations are due to diabetes, of these 15 per cent are due to diabetic foot ulcers. The aim of this event is to discuss the latest trends in diabetic foot prevention and management so that diabetics are better aware of ways to take care of their feet and prevent complications which in some situations can even lead to amputations.”

Dr Esaaf Hassan Ghazi, Consultant surgery and acting head of general surgery department, said: “Poorly controlled diabetes often results in nerve damage and poor blood circulation to the legs and feet. Patients gradually lose their ability to sense foot pain or symptoms of injury. This loss of sensation makes it easy for blisters, cuts, and ulcers to go unnoticed, leading to infection. Diabetics need to be particularly careful of their feet and this includes wearing the right kind of shoes etc. Therefore we wanted to educate the doctors and nurses across various medical specialties so that they can identify signs and symptoms of early diabetic foot problems and immediately ask patients to seek right medical intervention.”

The event included felicitating some diabetic patients who have managed to control their foot problems as there was an exhibition stand that included educational.