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Dubai Hospital successfully conducts 50 Cochlear Implant surgeries.

Dubai Hospital successfully conducted 50 cochlear implant surgeries since the implementation of this procedure two years ago said a top official.

Dr Mohammad Fawzi Mustafa, Specialist senior audiovestibular medicine, in-charge at Dubai Hospital’s Hearing and Balance Clinic and member of the ENT team, said: ” We have achieved 100 per cent success rate and post the surgery through active rehabilitation programs, all our patients are able to hear properly which in turns solves their speech disability as well.”

He said the hospital has been a pioneer in conducting cochlear implants. ” A hearing disability can strike at any age and for any reason. In severe to profound deafness, where hearing aids fail to help the patient, cochlear implant usually solves the problem. In new-borns the advantage is that hearing disability can be identified very early, and so it is important that there are trained professionals who can diagnose problems early. At DHA hospitals, all new-borns undergo hearing tests, so we are able to detect the problems in time.”

He added that in addition to this procedure, last year, the hospital conducted a unique and extremely complicated procedure for a three year old Emirati girl who, who is now able to hear clearly and is on her way to speak fluently as well.

Dr Mustafa said: ” For the first time in the UAE a auditory brainstem implant (ABI) procedure was conducted for a toddler who was born completely deaf in both ears – without a cochlear (hearing portion of the inner ear) and a cochlear nerve. Therefore we had to implant a device in her brain cells and today she is able to hear clearly.”

The Cochlear Implant team at Dubai hospital includes Dr Aziz Allah Ghafar, Dr Jamal Kassouma and Dr Gamal Youssef.