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Dubai to host extreme sports expo

Dubai will host the Middle East’s first ever dedicated extreme sports exhibition in October, the Spearo Extreme Sports Expo, introducing fans to the latest the world has to offer in adventure and extreme sporting activities. The expo will be held at the Palm Island drop zone of Skydive Dubai from 9-11th October.

Engaging the UAE’s burgeoning extreme and adrenaline sports community, the three-day event will treat fans of sports on land, air and sea to the best international and local equipment and brands. The Expo will be held at Skydive Dubai and will encourage people to experience new activities, with demonstrations and seminars on the latest adrenaline sports being showcased. Many exhibitors will also be offering special discounts on equipment and courses during the three-day event.

With a track record of supporting varied sporting events and activities, from horse racing, motorsport and cycling to sky diving, freestyle motocross and car park drifting, the UAE is the ideal place to foster extreme sports enthusiasm.

Zarir Saifuddin, the Editor in Chief of SPEARO freediving and spearfishing magazine and main organizer of the event, said: “The UAE is the ultimate playground for extreme sports. There are so many adventures to be had around the UAE, and we want people to know what’s out there and how to enjoy pushing their boundaries when it comes to sports and exercise. The Spearo Extreme Sports Expo will open up new horizons for extreme sports novices, introducing them to adventures they didn’t know existed, while showcasing the latest gear to take existing enthusiasts to the next level in their chosen sport. In short, it’s a weekend that may change what you do on your weekends for the rest of your life.”

The expo will feature extreme sports, adventure and outdoor activities within three pavilions – land, air and sea. Manufacturers of equipment will line up alongside operators of adventure sports experiences and Middle East retailers to raise the profile of extreme sports in the UAE.

A huge variety of sports will be covered. For those who prefer their adrenaline rush on land, there will be equipment for everything from superbikes, off-roading, kite buggying, and motocross to rock climbing, mountaineering and trekking, slacklining and mountain biking. In the air section, skydiving, paramotor, paragliding and hang gliding will feature among other activities to take people to the skies. Those looking for fun on water, the sea pavilion will showcase a full range of water sports exhibitors including those for kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, and sailing, as well as sports fishing charters and more.

Within the sea pavilion there will also be the ‘One Breath’ exhibition dedicated to the extreme sports of Freediving and Spearfishing.

Competitions and raffles during the expo will give visitors the chance to win extreme sport courses and certifications, tandem skydiving jumps as well as some top class equipment.

The expo will be held at the Palm Island drop zone of Skydive Dubai from 9-11th October.

Zarir added: “The popularity of Skydive Dubai is the perfect example of how extreme sports have been embraced in the UAE, and so it’s a fitting venue for the Spearo Extreme Sports Expo.”