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Dubai to host two-day regional forum on present and future of medical technology

Countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are integrating advanced technology into their healthcare systems as ageing populations and high prevalence of lifestyle diseases in the region demand innovative solutions in prevention and care.

As evolving diagnostic and treatment protocols and equipment are helping more patients enjoy better quality of life worldwide, leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of medical technology in MENA have joined forces on the ‘Mecomed’ platform to bring innovative and reliable healthcare technology to the region.

Recent advances in medical technology and their scope will be explained in detail for the benefit of the MENA healthcare community at a two-day forum organised by Mecomed in Dubai next month. The first MENA Medtech Forum, to be held 5-6 November 2014 at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Centre in Dubai Healthcare City, will be addressed by medical luminaries as well as academicians and experts in healthcare.

“Medical technology now enables more accurate diagnosis and minimally invasive procedures for better monitoring, prevention and management of illnesses, many of them deemed life-threatening or debilitating earlier. Innovations in this industry help people live healthier, longer and more active lives,” commented Rami Rajab, Chairman, Mecomed.

Modelled along Eucomed, the principal forum of the medical technology industry in Europe, Mecomed aims to bring all healthcare stakeholders in the medical technology industry together to improve public health in ethical, clinically and economically sustainable ways for the benefit of the MENA community.

With new and existing healthcare challenges demanding precise diagnosis and more effective solutions, medical technology has also become a major driver of innovation and economic activity. The Mecomed approach is to promote collaborative partnerships that uphold integrity, transparency, legal compliance and public interest. As the voice of the medical device and equipment firms in MENA, Mecomed also facilitates sharing of best practices and the latest advances in medical technology.

The Forum, attended by representatives of regulatory bodies, healthcare administration, medical technology firms, reputed hospital chains and insurance companies, will showcase the vision guiding healthcare in MENA countries. The Forum will also showcase the proven advantages of medical technology in improving patient safety, recovery times, home care and self-monitoring in addition to its role in enhancing productivity and sustainability.

Healthcare expenditure in the GCC countries alone has been growing at about 7.9% a year over the past decade and is expected to reach $79.2bn by 2015, according to Markaz Research. With their emphasis on bringing world class healthcare home, GCC countries are expected to channel a major share of their healthcare budget into the medical device, technology and equipment segment.

In spite of its proven efficiencies, medical technology has remained relatively small and stable against rising healthcare costs, accounting for around 7.5% of total healthcare expenditure during the last decade, according to Eucomed. Mr Rajab added that healthcare systems across MENA would benefit substantially from integrating state-of-the-art medical technology.

“Economic prosperity, longer life spans and high incidence of chronic conditions and lifestyle diseases have had a major impact on the MENA healthcare budget. Medical technology is the best means to ensure fast, efficient and affordable care to growing populations and better return on the healthcare investment,” concluded Mr. Rajab.