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Dubai Knowledge Village to host its annual ‘Training Open Week’

DKV’s Training Open Week will provide a platform for training and HR companies to showcase their latest offerings

Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) will host its annual ‘Training Open Week’ from May 4th to 6th, featuring a range of training companies providing vocational and technical training education and underlining the event’s reputation for the latest industry trends.

A total of 27 seminars and workshops will be offered to attendees at the region’s premier training event.

The DKV ‘Training Open Week’ boasts expert speakers from some of the leading global training and HR consultancies. Planned workshops will cover a range of segments including HR, marketing, sales, project management, strategy, leadership and IT. The three-day event aims to bridge the skills gap in the workforce between industry and academia.

Participants will be able to access essential insight on international trends in training and human resource management, in addition to having the opportunity to network with industry peers and share knowledge.

According to a recent report by Ernst & Young, ‘Growth drivers: Understanding the opportunities and challenges for businesses in the GCC’, school curricula are often not well geared to the job market. Vocational and technical training is therefore essential in order to plug a widening skills gap that could threaten the growth of key local industries, and DKV is well-positioned to offer the necessary courses and support.

In order to address the issue, Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) recently announced plans to license technical and vocational education training providers (TVET) and quality assure qualifications in Dubai, a move that will allow students further access to top-of-the-range trainers, such as those within DKV, while also supporting the Emirate’s broader economic and social development.

Companies participating at this year’s event include: Think Media Labs; INNOVABIA; The Change Associates; and FH Insights. Manchester Business School will be the keynote sponsor.

Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Managing Director of Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Village said: “It is crucial that we embrace and promote vocational and technical training to help develop the specific skills required in certain sectors of the workforce. While large corporates are increasingly taking on the role of setting up in-house academic training centres, smaller companies really need the help of professional training and human capital consultants. DKV’s ‘Training Open Week’ offers those companies a platform to fulfil their training needs, with an overview of the current trends across industries. It serves as a regular forum of interaction to benefit from stronger links between higher education and TVET.”

Randa Bessiso, Director Middle East, Manchester Business School, said: “We are very proud to be a keynote sponsor of this year’s ‘Training Open Week’. Any event that connects the worlds of academia and industry can only have a positive impact on social and economic development in the UAE. The focus this year on Vocational and Technical Training is particularly significant given the massive skills shortfall that exists, as well as its low profile amongst both employers and job seekers.”

The DKV Training Open Week will be held at DKV’s Conference Centre and is open to anyone looking to develop their skill-set and gain a rich professional or personal experience. The keynote and opening address scheduled for Monday is free to attend, while a nominal charge, giving unlimited access to workshops during the event, will apply to training sessions provided by DKV Business Partners.

To register for the DKV Training Open Week, please visit: